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Our programs use Vocal Empowerment tools to assist girls’ empowerment goals. Vocal empowerment is characterized by reaching a state of comfort and ability with vocal expression that allows a one’s intended content to be expressed.  Vocal empowerment includes an inner belief that:

(1) What one expresses vocally is worthwhile

(2) One owns one’s own voice

(3) One has the right of self-authorship.    

Embedded in this approach to vocal empowerment is a responsibility to using one’s voice for positive social change beyond one’s own life for the betterment of the larger community.



“Act-On” activities invite young women to use their voices in the world in new and creative ways. These activities…




Year 2: Girlcott


Vocal empowerment Sample

See samples of the 12 sessions for the vocal empowerment program. This is a training manual for mentors, teachers, volunteers, and community workers who regularly meet with groups of young women. This program is an introduction to our Vocal Empowerment program




Traveling Manual for the 12-sessioon Vocal Empowerment Program


young women’s voices 4 climate

We work with young women from ages 13-16 in an after school group that fuses on theater communication and project-based learning for the sake of climate change.


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