Our Partners 


Starfish: Her Infinite Impact

It is easy to say that SPEAK grew out of a deep partnership with Starfish: Her Infinite Impact. Starfish started in 2007, giving scholarships to young Maya women so they could attend 6th grade and higher, as in Guatemala that is the point where students have to pay. As a continually adapting and reflexive organization, Starfish recently changed it's model. Instead of solely providing scholarships and mentorship sessions, they have now opened the Starfish Impact School, a space for innovation, deeply intentional education, and fertile ground for fostering change-makers. 

In 2013, we began training Starfish mentors in the Vocal Empowerment Program. Every year since then, we have returned, working together to develop new initiatives that encourage girls to take their empowered voices into the world! In 2017, the Starfish Impact School chose Vocal Empowerment as one of the core competencies for their students, alongside: Resilience, Critical Thinking, Academic Excellence, Growth Mindset, and Intercultural Communication. This has brought a new and exciting challenge of integrating the Vocal Empowerment program into every school subject. SPEAK is honored to have the continued opportunity to innovate and grow alongside one of the most thoughtful NGOs around. 


Maji Safi Group

SPEAK worked with Maji Safi Community Health Workers on integrating the Vocal Empowerment program into the Girl's Hygiene program. The Community Health Workers developed Radio Drama's addressing menstrual health and held a community presentation on how to address various health issues through Behavior Change Communication.