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Vocal Empowerment 

Vocal Empowerment is characterized by reaching a state of comfort and ability with vocal expression that allows a one’s intended content to be expressed.  Vocal empowerment includes an inner belief that (1) what one expresses vocally is worthwhile (2) that one owns one’s own voices and that (3) one has the right of self-authorship.    Embedded in this approach to vocal empowerment is a responsibility to using one’s voice for positive social change beyond one’s own life for the betterment of the larger community.

The 10 Characteristics of an Empowered Voice

People can easily hear and understand my voice.

I use various parts of my body when I express myself with my voice

I understand basic mechanism for how my physical voice works.

Shame is not an obstacle to using my voice.

I think my voice is mine and belongs to me.

I feel safe as the author of my own feelings and ideas.

I recognize the importance of my voice for me and my community.

My voice has the power to make a positive impact for my life and for others.

I use my voice to speak my truth.

I use my voice with responsibility and courage.


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