Our Impact

SPEAK offers a two-pronged approach to supporting women of all ages. We offer direct programming to women in the Denver/Boulder area as well as Professional Development for mentors, teachers, and community leaders working with girls across the glove. Our curriculum is a multi-year program that has been translated into four languages (English, Spanish, Swahili, and Arabic) and field-tested in various global regions. Through rigorous adjustment, SPEAK has built a program that is flexible enough to be contextualized to the localized needs of young women everywhere, but structured enough to ensure that their physical, emotional, and civic voices are supported and enriched in their communities.


We have worked with 8 partnering organizations, trained 500 community members, and 1000 students. As our programs continue to grow, so does our rich community of leaders and students.


Our impact is situated for sustainability. Our long-term relationships with partners and our programming have helped us provide direct training to staff as one-off workshops or a series, but we also build a capacity of within both higher paying and recipient organizations by providing training of the trainers for in-house Human Resources directors and local teachers with optimal certification backed by CU Boulder’s Continuing Education program, Our use of online learning platforms allows us to nurture a continuing culture of inclusion for women’s contributions across all contexts. This in turn allows us to focus on our social impact goals of raising women’s voices around the world.