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Our Mission:


Where Girls Are Heard

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Our Mission

SPEAK consults organizations on how to use art and project-based learning to help young women make their voices heard. Girls have the power to change the world by exercising their civic voices, and we are here to help make that happen!

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Our Impact

We believe that Vocal Empowerment is an imperative tool for mentors, teachers, community embers, and young women to use when empowering their voices. Vocal Empowerment is characterized by reaching a state of comfort and ability with vocal expression that allows a one’s intended content to be expressed.



Young Women Reached

We have worked with over 600 women across the globe in empowering their voices through our programs, workshops, and outreach.



mentors we’ve trained

We have helped train and consult mentors, teachers, and community leaders in harnessing our tools to empower women’s voices and civic involvement. These mentors continue to help us in empowering women.



curricula tools created

We have made many tools to assist mentors and young women in exercising their voices and creativity across the globe. Our curricula can be applied to numerous social systems and contexts across the globe.

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Our Programs



Act On activities invite young women to use their voices in the world in new creative ways

Theater and Art enagement

We believe that theater and art engagement is a powerful tool when approaching issues of women’s empowerment and community.

Lesson plans

We have 12 sessions for our vocal empowerment program to effectively teach and sustain women’s empowerment and raising their voices for social change.

Project-based learning

Our resources focus on project-based learning to ensure that there is reciprocally between women and the community.

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October 2017

“Vocal empowerment is growing in your level of comfort and confidence, in using your voice to express whatever is inside of you and believing that what you have to say is worthwhile and is important.”

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Get Involved

Anyone, no matter who you are, can be part of SPEAK and help raise their own and their community’s voices through our work.


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